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Independence Day Celebration

Sanjivanites kids representing India in H2Ooooh!! Water Project organized by USO in association with UNESCO.

100% result for the 4th consecutive year 2020-21

The Investiture ceremony 2021-22

Sanjivani Academy, kopargaon .Gallery 2020-21

Convocation ceremony Sr.kg

Congratulations to our dear Rising Stars of Sr.Kg-Peach &Plum Batch…..
Here’s wishing you the very best for all the new ventures, that life has in store for you….Sanjivani family wishes you all the best for your bright future…where the Educators will mould and shape you in a perfect role model…Where we design the future of your choice…Come and let’s join the journey of creating yourself from *Sanjivani Toddlers to Sanjivani Academy…Inculcating passion for excellence!!!*

Techno Savvy Sanjivanites

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”*
Sanjivani Academy walking hand in hand with the technology introduces the New Technosavvy’s of the Year… *Mst.Prathamesh Borade and Mst.Parimal Adik of Grade VII and Mst.Vibhav Patel of Grade VIII* creates a website of their own in HTML by learning Coding.
The Sanjivanites have given a smash and megahit in the world of technology….
*A very heartiest Congratulations to all the Students!!!*

We also thank all the *Parents* for their valuable cooperation.


M.A.D.S Activity

*The desire to create is one of the deepest earnings of the human soul.” …*
Sanjivani Academy brings forth several activites…This time we had introduced *MADS…As natural As Sunshine…And as Wise as Nourishment* where all the kids from the school showed their talent in different fields. A closing ceremony for the same was arranged today and many of the kids explored their talents with full zest and enthusiasm. The chief guest for the day were *Dr.Vijay Narode and Dr.Nilima Narode* who encouraged the kids for their performances and involvement in all the activities.They also praised the School and the Management and teachers for their hard work and support. *Hon.Director Mrs.Manali maam* encouraged the students and praised the council members for their contributions. Parents also presented their views about the concept of MADS and the team work of the school.
We Express our gratitude towards *Hon.Director Mrs.Manali Maam for her undying support and guidance*.We also thank our *Hon.Principal Mrs.Sudha maam for her able guidance* We Express our heartiest gratitude towards *Matin Daruwala Sir and Rashmi Sharma Ma’am for Arts Department, Virupaksh Reddy Sir for Sports department, Akash Ghaywat Sir for Dance and Mahesh Walse Sir for Music….Our MADS team with full on readiness… We also Express gratitude towards the *Council members* for their inputs and innovative ideas.
A heartiest thank you to all the *Parents* for their co-operation and a very big *Congratulations* to all the participants.

Sanjivanites always set an example for the others....It was a great start for the day by the educators of Sanjivani with the beloved kids...back to school with all the happiness and enthusiasm...Following all the safety norms and rules...

Every day is a chance to begin again. Don’t focus on the failures of yesterday, start today with positive thoughts and expectations
Sanjivani Academy… “Inculcating passion for excellence”
Sanjivanites always set an example for the others….It was a great start for the day by the educators of Sanjivani with the beloved kids…back to school with all the happiness and enthusiasm…Following all the safety norms and rules…The day was started with the worship of Goddess Saraswati and welcoming the new admissions by presenting them a welcome card.Best boy and Best girl from each class were awarded with a well done card.The kids were made more happy with a short warm up with music where the kids participated with full zest.Our Principal Maam Hon.Mrs.Sudha maam addressed the kids with the value of the month- Hope and to greet everyone with *Happy morning and Namaste She also said to express gratitude towards each and everyone.
We express our heartiest gratitude towards our Hon.Director maam Mrs.Manali maam for her able guidance and support who has always played a major role by being a mentor and a leader.
We thank our Hon.Principal Maam Mrs Sudha maam for her undying support.
We also thank all the teaching and non teaching staff for their support and co operation.

Sanjivani Academy has been Awarded with the Prestigious and Internationally Acclaimed CII MILCA AWARD 2020 for Academia STUDENT'S CATEGORY PROJECT 2020 Gold Winner

Sanjivani Academy has been awarded with the prestigious and internationally acclaimed CII MILCA AWARD 2020 for Academia STUDENT’S CATEGORY PROJECT 2020 Gold Winner where students presented a project Smart Blind stick Using IoT*
We extend heartfelt gratitude to the Top Management and the phenomenal Managing Director Sanjivani group of schools Hon.Mrs.Manali Amit Kolhe ma’am for being the efficient navigator of our ship and giving us ample of opportunities to explore in all the directions.
Congratulations to all the staff, parents and learners on receiving this prestigious award.

Republic Day Celebration

Sanjivani Academy: Inculcating Passion for Excellence
The euphoric celebration among people irrespective of their religion, caste, and ideology. A journey to lead with footprints for the generations to come.
United we stand let us together bow and salute the nation builders on 72nd Republic Day remembering all the leaders and Nation builders. We are privileged to have the Chief guest Hon.Shri Shankarraoji Kolhe sir Chairman Sanjivani group of Institutes and the most dynamic Hon.Mrs.Manali Amit Kolhe mam The visionaries to inspire and guide the young minds to lead as an example.
Sanjivanites brightened in tri-tones with fantastic speeches by young dynamites followed by a soulful song, dance adding filling the hearts with patriotism
We Express our heartfelt gratitude towards Director Sanjivani Group of Schools Hon. Mrs.Manali Kolhe maam for her innovative ideas and thoughts.We extend our heartiest gratitude towards the Council members of the School for their great efforts and the team lead Principal Mrs.Sundari Subramanian Mam for her undying support.
The visionary leader Hon.Shri Shankarraoji Kolhe saheb whole heartedly appreciated the initiative to build in the sportive spirit achieving all the peaks of success winning Internationally acclaimed MILCA CII AWARD for Institute category as wellas in Students category he also boosted and appreciated the students performing best Lathi-Kathi, disciplined March Past and graceful dance with the songs filled with patriotism.

Sanjivani Academy began their academic calendar (2018-19) for preprimary, primary and secondary sections today on the 11th June 2018. The pre-primary kids were welcomed along with their mothers. It was then time to welcome our kids with a bright, rejuvenating and beautiful celebration. The celebration was to understand the bonding between the mother and her child. The programme was graced by the Hon’ble Director, Mrs. Manali Amit Kolhe. Various activities and games were conducted to make the day more interesting. The winners were bestowed with prizes at the hands of Director Ma’am. The winning mothers of the games were;

  1. Jayshri Aher [Jr.KG]
  2. Sonal Kale [Jr.KG]
  3. Tejaswini Kandalkar [Jr.KG]
  4. Madhu Upadhye [Sr.KG]
  5. Mrs Manisha Gaikwad [Sr.KG]

The sole purpose of the entire event was to see our little kiddos budding and blooming with happiness and their excitement for the next part of the session along with their mother.

The primary section began with a theme based assembly named ‘Welcome Back to School’ wherein the teacher performed a skit for the students to welcome them back to the school. The students were felicitated with Welcome Cards by the Principal and the Coordinators.

The secondary section also had a theme based assembly named ‘Empathy’. The students of the grade 10 presented the skit followed by round of quiz and introduction of new students by the Principal and the Academic Head. The school wished all those students who were celebrating their birthday today.

In her address, the Principal on behalf of the Management, the Hon’ble Director, Mrs. Manali Amit Kolhe and all the staff wished the students a great start to the new academic session 2018 -2019.





Sanjivani Academy elates its new academic year through a motivational workshop…

June 07, 2018
The Management of Sanjivani Academy organised an one day workshop on motivation for teaching staff who are venturing into new academic year in the next week. The workshop was inaugurated by Mrs. Manali Amit Kolhe, Director, Sanjivani Academy. The workshop had sessions on responsibility of teachers in understanding the students, approach students problems from their point of view, 3 psychological rules for positive growth of children to be observed by teachers and how to avoid negative conditioning in the early stages of students. Teachers were provided real life examples for each topic. The afternoon session had activities where the staff members participated enthusiastically to understand the workshop concepts.
The Director of the school, Mrs. Manali Amit Kolhe is known for her forward thinking, a step ahead than her contemporaries.
A heartfelt gratitude to madam for an excellent start to the new academic year.

An auspicious academic start (2018 – 2019)

On behalf of the Management, the Sanjivani Academy’s new and existing teaching and non teaching members were welcomed and honored with a welcome card and an auspicious rose flower for their productive and prosperous year ahead.