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Principal Director


We at Sanjivani Group of Schools, are of the firm belief that quality education is the right of every child in the society. The education embedded with a spectrum of activities and skills will definitely give a quantum jump to the child for his/her entire life. 


We believe that each child is unique and blessed with some talent. We feel satisfied when our talented educators bring out the best and nurture it to develop a complete personality of the students under their custody and care.

We leave no stone unturned in pursuit to excel in achieving the goals through the visionary aspirations of our management’s philanthropic attitude.


We envisage a world of equal opportunities and empowerment where our kids will be instrumental in transforming the global outlook. The education at Sanjivani Group of Schools, comes naturally, from out of the box innovations which teach the students to learn things in unique way far from the rotton routine and activities.

The infrastructure and building make our schools a place, students look for spending time while they are being nurtured in numbers and letters.

To see how small initiatives become the movements and movements become a revolution, one must visit the schools and institutions at Sanjivani campus. 


Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra