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As part of our vision statement is being Fit for Life, sports and physical education are an integral and important part of the life of these students. The basic idea of health and fitness is given prime value at Sanjivani Academy. Everyday students are trained by expert coaches and sport department for preparing them for different competitions at state and nationals. It also primarily builds the physical and mental health of students.

  1. I Grade to Grade II: Teaching basic locomotors movement skills, gross movement patterns, and the fundamental skills of team and individual sports. We also involve in the sports day activities.
  2. Middle school: Students build upon the fundamental skills and learn about the aspects of game play.
  3. High School: Students specialize in at least 2 sports which they can play competitively.

Inter-House competition:

  1. There are Inter-house competitions that are held for various sports through the year. There is an After School Sports program that runs through the week for Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Swimming, Baseball, Softball

Details are shared at the time of joining school.

The whole program is run by Team Sanjivani’s Sports Department who are highly qualified individuals with credentials and certifications.